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Check your passport

As Malta is part of the Schengen area, all you need is a valid ID to enter the country if you come from the Nordics. Knowing the excellent travel opportunities and cheap flight connections from Malta to the world, there’s a considerable risk to get bitten by a travel bug. That’s why you might want to make sure your passport won’t expire too soon in the near future.


Some nationalities don’t have a chance to renew their passport in Malta, so it’s better to get a new one before you move, and thus avoid the embassy hunting abroad. E.g., for Finnish people, the nearest embassy to renew a passport is in Rome. Lucky for the Finns, most of them don’t mind a little weekend visit to this historical capital, which is only 1,5-hour flight away from Malta.

Extract of criminal record

During the process of the upcoming paperwork mentioned above, you’ll need an extract of your criminal record. You can order it from the Legal Register Centre in your home country, and get the paper by post. If you for some reason can’t get it in English, you’ll need to get a legal translation by a professional translator. Be prepared for a possible delay and order it early enough to save your friends/family some trouble of resending the paper for you to the Little Rock.

Notification of move

Notify your Local Register Offices and Social Security Agency that you’ll move abroad. However, changing an address might have to wait until you have a rental contract in Malta, so that step you can also cover once you’ve arrived and found an apartment.